Coil Hootch Lemon Slice Vape
Coil Hootch Rasberry Milk Vape
Coil Hootch V For Valetta Vape

Coil Hootch - Retro Style Flavours with a Twist

Get ready for a set of seriously far out flavours

Coil Hootch is taking your taste buds on a deeply indulgent ride, so get ready to load up your tank and take a trip to a physcadelic time when the flavours were dreamy and the vapour was creamy...

Can you dig it?

This heavenly set of retro confections are almost too good to vape. Specially designed for chasing clouds, let your sub ohm loose on a luxuriously layered Nice Lemon Slice, Raspberry Milk Thang or that retro classic: V for Valetta.

About us

All of our lip-smacking retro flavours are Trading Standards tested and free from molecules of concern (MOC), and unlike most sweet and creamy flavours, Coil Hootch is free from sucralose. So, you can max out with our masterfully moorish flavours, with nothing but sweet vaping success on your mind.

And for those who like their vape hip, cool and not too heavy.. don’t sweat, our sumptuous retro confections are available premixed with nicotine (3mg and 6mg) at a diluent ratio of 80VG/20VG. Or as PG based concentrate - for you to mix up your own groovin’ liquids at home.

The Coil Hootch range is produced in our ISO class 7 lab and purpose-built production facility in London. All of our materials are sourced within the UK and our complex flavours are fully TPD compliant. To ensure complete quality assurance, the Coil Hootch products are tested by our in-house science and regulatory team.

Coil Hooch Vape